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Community Involvement

At Clark Computer Services, we are proud of the deep and lasting relationships we have developed with each client we serve. We live and work in our service area, so it means a lot to us when we are able to leverage those relationships to create meaningful connections. For example, since the very beginning of the company, we’ve done our best to refurbish used-but-still-serviceable devices (with owner’s permission) and re-home them at no charge to someone on a limited income.

In 2014, we formalized this process through a relationship with SHIP — Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership — of Frederick County. SHIP’s mission is to help Frederick County’s homeless youth complete their educations, realize their best potential, and be poised to break the cycle of poverty they were born into. Providing refurbished computers to homeless students is one small way we can help these kids overcome the many barriers they face as they work toward academic success, on-time graduation, and better lives.