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Company Updates

What's Going On With Us?

03/18/2020 – Covid-19 Update:  As this pandemic continues to impact people and organizations around the world, we at CLARK want everyone to know that the health and safety of our employees, clients, customers, and community is our top priority. While we are maintaining operations to ensure that all our clients and customers are taken care of and all our employees can continue working, we have taken steps to keep everyone safe.

As our clients know, we like to take a personal approach to resolve issues, preferring to have feet on the ground as often as it makes good business sense. In the spirit of maintaining social distancing, we have our techs much more active on the phones, using remote tools wherever possible.

This is not to say that we aren’t going on-site at all. We’re still taking care of some office moves and handling computer configurations and installs, we’re just doing it with a little more caution.

In addition, we’ve got about half of our staff working from home. This is because we want to keep some of them off-site in case someone does pick up the virus and spreads it through the office. If something like that does happen, we’ll be able to pull in our reserve staff in to take care of those onsite customer needs, while giving the current staff a chance to recover.

Rest assured, Clark Computer Services will still be available when you need us, either remotely or on-site and we are looking at better methods to handle walk-in customers. As we come up with better alternatives, we’ll send out updates.

Stay safe out there and watch out for one another – this is the time when we all need to be working together.