Computer Maintenance is Crucial

Advice from DC The Computer Guy

To say that I’ve been in the IT world for a while is an understatement.

For those who don’t know me, I left big business in 2003 to start Clark Computer Services. I didn’t have some grand vision, I had three kids at home who needed to have their Dad around. My plan to replace my salary was to go around Frederick, introduce myself to small business owners, and see if they needed IT support. What I found were a lot of business owners dealing with subpar IT service. Making customer service my highest priority helped me to build a successful and thriving company, but that’s only part of it.

IT Maintenance

Let’s be honest, most computer technicians don’t understand that The IT Business is 80% Personal – so setting myself apart was not difficult. But if you really want to make customers happy in IT, you do your best to prevent them from having to call you at all. I didn’t want to just provide my clients with a smiling face and a friendly attitude, I wanted to make them happy, so one of my primary focuses has always been Maintenance.

When people think of IT Maintenance, a lot of things come to mind:

  • archiving old files
  • computer cleanups
  • firmware updates
  • hardware checks
  • network patching
  • security updates
  • software updates
  • system updates

There is one recurring word here that is incredibly important.


A huge part of all of our maintenance contracts whether Small Business or Residential – is handling updates. Many people have been learned to be cautious of performing updates, very often preferring to leave them to more experienced IT people – just in case. One of the things that I saw very early on when building CLARK, was a lot of small businesses with hardware and software that had not been updated at all. Not coincidentally, these were also the people with the worst experiences.

Whether we are talking computers, tablets, phones, or network servers, updates fix potential problems. They also often include new features or services, such as Snip & Sketch. But most importantly, they fix security vulnerabilities.

CISA LogoBut You Might Need Help with Some Updates

Before you rush off and download the update, consider asking for assistance.

Due to a rise in Ransomware attacks, CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) has been listing security threats far more aggressively on their website. Many of these include recommended security updates that are delivered in phases and dependent on differences in infrastructure. Because small businesses can range drastically in size, with some using cloud servers and others having onsite servers, not to mention differences in network configuration, applying updates incorrectly can cause no end of headaches.

It’s for this reason that I advise seeking outside help, like Clark Computer Services – this gives you the assurance that all steps were taken to protect your systems NOW.

Business or Residential, We Can Help

Big updates like this are not the only reason to seek assistance. In addition to Small Business IT Maintenance contracts, we also offer Home IT Maintenance Plans.

With working from home and eLearning ongoing options, and many digital entertainment options, home networks are more important than ever and to keep them running smoothly they need maintenance.

Since those first days of knocking on doors, I’ve always had residential clients and we have always given them the same high level of customer service that we provide to our business clients.

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