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At Clark Computer Services we specialize in Small Business IT Services and provide an end-to-end computer and network management solution for our business clients. Our services include Network Management & Monitoring, Security and Data Assurance, Vendor Coordination and Administration, Consultation, Web Support, System Planning and Implementation, Support for Remote and Mobile Offices, On-Call Availability, and IT Maintenance. Our services have been developed through the years to provide our customers with a complete solution with respect to managing their IT infrastructure.

We can troubleshoot your IT issues as they occur. We will work through the issue by using our secure remote management agent, walking users through the solution on the telephone, or by dispatching a technician to repair the issue.

When you need new servers, email, networks, and/or specialized applications, we start by documenting your vision for the project and determining the scope of work. This becomes the foundation for a project implementation plan that encompasses the full life cycle of the project. It includes documenting requirements, system design, a schedule of activities, cost, and identification of risks and their associated mitigation strategy. We then prepare a fixed-price proposal so you can make an informed decision and plan accordingly.

We will manage your network infrastructure to include servers, switches, wireless access points, firewalls, routers, and a customized cloud storage system. To keep ingresses to your network as secure as possible, we monitor patch releases for your firewalls and wireless access points and coordinate their installation with you. We’ll alert you to issues such as low disk space, poor performance, and other communication issues to keep your network running efficiently. In addition to network maintenance and monitoring, we also manage account rights as well, including provisioning new network accounts and administering system access rights.

A daily data back-up is the most important IT-related disaster recovery task you can do. We can present and install a range of cloud storage solutions that will safeguard your data, allow your team to collaborate more efficiently, and work productively from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a cloud-based backup called iBackup nightly at a scheduled time allows us to monitor the backups that are occurring at your place of business. At the end of each back-up, the system sends us an email confirming the success or failure of the back-up. When iBackup informs us your back-up has failed, we send a technician to promptly resolve the issue and take responsibility for restoring data as needed.

Using AutoTask Endpoint Management™ we monitor your servers for low disk space, poor performance, and other issues that affect productivity. We manage patch releases and other critical updates and apply them promptly to your servers’ operating systems and critical business applications. We review each server to ensure that any automatic updates were configured correctly and ensure that any patches that were installed are working correctly.

We protect your company’s most valuable asset — information — with a comprehensive set of security and data assurance services including:

  • Assessment and remediation of vulnerabilities, virus/malware detection and removal, intrusion identification and remediation, and data backup and recovery.
  • Monitoring the virus signatures on all your workstations, laptops, and servers to ensure they have adequate protection from malware such as Trojan Horses and Identity Theft programs.
  • Responding to virus alerts, reviewing the attack, and evaluating the actions that the anti-virus software took to remediate it.
  • Creating a “get well plan” to help your system recover fully with as little damage as possible after a virus or malware attack.

Need new or reconfigured workstations? To ensure that the specialized requirements of all software, printers, and mapped drives are met, we plan and execute new or existing office workstation build-outs with the assistance of an installation checklist. We also maintain a hardware and software inventory that we update as IT assets are added or removed.

Moving an office? Renovating your space? On your behalf, we can contact your providers to handle internet, web hosting, mobile phone services, printer and copier services, or any other IT vendors involved in the project to ensure that the proper services are ordered and we can troubleshoot any IT issues that may occur during the transition.

We’re also available to consult with you and your leadership team about IT-related issues like infrastructure planning, installing a new server, IT vendor selection, budgeting assistance, “just in time” training, problem assessments, purchasing assistance, research, and analysis. We can handle general question and answer sessions to help your end-users work with the Microsoft Office™ Suite applications more productively. We can also assist you with “closed-door” executive consultations covering things like improving your IT policies, monitoring workplace computer use, and a wide range of other confidential matters related to productivity.

Based on your IT infrastructure, working environment, and other requirements, we can suggest a “Peace of Mind” maintenance plan for your systems that might include monitoring your server health, backups and virus/malware functionality, installing normal and security updates on your server, and updating firmware on firewalls and wireless access points.

Because our goal is to go the extra mile for all our clients, we are also available to assist you in choosing, installing and maintaining low voltage systems like cable, TV, and security alarm wiring in addition to your IT assets.