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With work from home and e-learning still very popular, having reliable Home Office IT Support has never been more important. From the internet to computers to peripherals, making sure that everything works, and it all works together, is the difference between getting things done and getting frustrated. It doesn’t matter if you take remote classes on your laptop at the dining room table, use a work computer at a small desk tucked in a corner of the room, or have a full home office setup, there are configuration and security challenges that must be overcome.

At CLARK, we can help you get the right equipment, get it connected, and make sure it’s secure. We can handle residential work, small business work, or both. And we’ll be there, either remotely or in-person, with our exemplary White Glove Service if you have troubles.

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Support At Home and At Work

Because we support small business and residential customers, CLARK has the experience and resources to take care of all of your maintenance, network, and security needs in the office, as well as help to set up, secure, and support you while working from home. In addition, with remote learning growing more popular, we’ll make sure that students stay connected to their teachers. We understand that work and learning from home means different things for different people, but the three most important things for everyone are comfort, connection, and security.

Take away any one of these and productivity is going to suffer.

With the following Home Office IT Support services, CLARK is able to help make sure that you have the tools to be as productive at home as you are at work or in the classroom:

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With our Home Office IT Support services, we know that nothing hinders productivity or e-learning as much as using slow devices or not having all the equipment you need. Unfortunately, all computer hardware is not created equal, and we often find that clients trade power for convenience. In work-at-home or remote learning environments, that’s not always a good trade-off. With meetings and remote classes being video-based, too small a screen, slow WiFi, or misconfigured network settings will have a negative effect on productivity and learning.

We’ll assess the effectiveness of your existing computer and network hardware, including peripherals such as monitors, docking stations, and printers, and then based on your needs, we’ll offer recommendations that make sense to balance productivity and costs.

When setting up a Home Office, having all the fanciest equipment in the world won’t help with your productivity or learning if it’s not set up correctly. We’ll connect docking stations, monitors, printers, and any other required devices, and then test them to make sure they work. On top of this, we’ll make sure that everything is correctly connected to your home network or WiFi.

If we also handle your business IT, we can fully test all your remote connections to the office and troubleshoot any problems. If not, we play well with other IT services and can work with your employer or school’s IT department to resolve any issues, or give you direction to resolve it with them yourself.

When it comes to your home network, a misconfiguration can cause a lot of problems. We’ll test your internet speeds and bandwidth to make sure that they meet your remote work or learning requirements, check the firewall settings, and even assist with modem passwords and securing your WiFi.

Check out our Home IT Support Plan, which can save you time, money, and lots of frustration!

There’s more to securing your remote computer than installing antivirus. For example, a work computer must be set with a lock-out period that brings you back to the login screen, just in case curious little fingers wander into your Home Office.

Power settings. Firewall settings. Password settings. When you’re working from home there are a variety of security risks, we can help to mitigate those with best-practice security settings on the computer and network. And, as part of our white glove service, we’ll work with your existing IT department to make sure your network security meets their criteria.

We’ve had to deal with it as well. School’s handing out tablets or laptops for remote learning, without a whole lot of direction. Getting frustrated with it only taints the student’s experience, and we would rather it be as positive an experience as possible. Not only can we help with getting the equipment properly connected, but we’ll test it and be ready to assist if your student runs into any technical issues while trying to learn.

Check out our Home IT Support Plan, which can be used for your student too!

When working in the office, you have IT available when problems arrive. With CLARK, you can have that same support when you work from home. Whether we remote into your computer to resolve the issue or send someone out to help, you’ll get the same customer-first experience that we provide in the office. You’ll have confidence knowing that even when you’re working from home, we’ll still have your back.

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