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Technology Move Services

Moving into a new office space can be exciting and nerve wracking. There are an abundance of things to worry about before you even start thinking about how you’re going to move all your computers, servers, peripherals, and network equipment. In general, movers don’t like to touch technology and don’t have the experience, skills, or knowledge to properly set it all up in the new location.

Where’s that leave you?

While you’re sitting there wondering who is going to tear down the network and get it setup in the new area, all of the other pieces of this process are continuing to move around you. With everything going on, you don’t need the additional stress.

Move Advice from DC the Computer Guy

Whether you are planning an office move, stressing about how to start, or anxious over how it’s going, DC the Computer Guy has some advice that can make your life a little easier.

IT Moves Don’t Have to be Hard

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That’s where our Technology Move Services come into Play

We take your anxiety away with our proven move processes. From start to finish, CLARK will take ownership of the technology move and do everything from reviewing your new office space to working with your vendors to making sure that everything is ready for for your employees to get to work in the new location.

Our Technology Move Service covers:

Surveying the New Space

We’ll review the blueprints when your new space is a total tenant fit-out to ensure that the space is IT friendly. We cover everything from inspecting the IT room/closet to make sure that it includes everything you need – such as proper power and cooling – to ensuring that you have data and voice drops everywhere they are needed.

Structural Installation

We take care of installing the low voltage cabling for data, voice, security, and more.

Conducting a Full Inventory

We’ll go through your existing site to conduct a full inventory and label all equipment prior to the move to ensure that nothing gets lots or misplaced.

Handling the Technology

We move ALL of the technology! In addition to your servers and workstations, we’ll move your phone system, printers, wireless access points, and conference room equipment – basically anything that requires electricity!

Installing Additional Security

We’ll take care of installing security products to keep your new office space secure. We are experienced in setting up door access controls, camera systems, and more.

Conducting Site Visits

We’ll make visits to both the previous and new sites so that we’ll know what needs to be moved and where it’s being moved to ensure that everything is ready to go on day one.

Intergrated Services

We’ll work with your contractors to ensure that our move services are integrated into the construction phase so that everything gets done.

Managing All Communications

We’ll contact all of your IT contractors and vendors to ensure that your internet and phone services are moved to the new location on your schedule and manage the whole process so everything gets properly configured

Coordinating with Movers

We’ll work with your moving company to insert CLARK into their processes. As noted, while we handle moving ALL of the technology, we’ve discovered that the move goes much more smoothly when we coordinate our activities so that the furniture and racks are there when it’s time to set everything up.

We’ll even unmount and remount technology such as wireless access points and conference room TVs!

Operational Verification

Once the move is complete, we’ll test and verify that all of the technology is operational after the move, and we will be on standby to make sure that everything is ready for your employees to start working.

Proven White Glove Process

Our entire move process is checklist driven to ensure that nothing ever gets missed. We’ve been moving businesses IT since 2003 and with our commitment to making Customer Service our Highest Priority, we’ve not had a single unsatisfied customer.

Ask us for references! We love it when our clients talk – and we are very proud of our stellar 5-Star reputation, not only in IT support, but for IT moves as well!

Get rid of the anxiety involved with moving your technology – Let CLARK handle it for you! You won’t regret it!

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