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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract to get IT services from Clark?

No. We want to do business with you in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. We take care of many of our clients on a “Break/Fix” or Time and Materials basis. While it’s not necessary, most of our clients do transition from a la carte services to customized contract arrangements over time because it is easier and more cost effective for them.

What is a “Peace of Mind” package?

A Peace of Mind package is an optional IT maintenance plan that we can create at your request that is customized to meet your particular needs.

I have an IT problem. How do I request service?

We want to get your IT issue resolved as soon as possible. That’s why we don’t ask our customers to fill out work tickets or request assistance through a client portal. Just pick up the phone or drop us a regular email.

I requested service. Now what?

We track our messages and email carefully. We respond to you promptly, figure out the fix, and keep in touch with you every step of the way. We use a database to track our progress to make sure your service call stays on the rails from the moment we receive it to its satisfactory conclusion.

What is the most important thing I need to do from an IT perspective?

Backing up your data is the single most important thing you must do daily. By running a cloud-based backup called iBackup nightly at a scheduled time, we can monitor the backups that are occurring at your place of business. At the end of each back-up, the system sends us an email confirming the success or failure of the back-up. When iBackup informs us your back-up has failed, we send a technician to promptly resolve the issue and restore lost data if needed.

Do you provide service to residential IT users or just businesses?

Yes. We are proud to take care of the residential IT needs of more than 400 individuals and families in the quad-state area.

Are you experienced with HIPAA regulations?

Yes. Because a large segment of our small business clients are medical practices and dental offices, we are familiar with the additional security and privacy measures dictated by these clients.

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