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Business IT Managed Services

Business IT Managed Services

Clark Computer Services handles all aspects of Business IT Managed Services, including backups, cabling, workstation and server maintenance, website services, and more, with unparalleled customer service. You can trust us to be your Technology Partner for all your IT Managed Services needs.

At Clark Computer Services, we specialize in Small and Medium Business IT Managed Services, providing an end-to-end computer and network management solution for our business clients. As your Technology Partner, CLARK provides our clients with responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly service. We are there when you need us to resolve issues quickly and get everyone back to handling your business. Your employees will love our knowledgeable and friendly technicians who resolve issues the first time so they don’t come back. And with easy maintenance contracts, we can proactively take care of problems before they get in the way of business and productivity.

In today’s world, IT Managed Services need to include cybersecurity, compliance, and website design, among others, and CLARK can handle it all. We offer comprehensive solutions to all of your business needs.

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Our Business IT Managed services Cover:


When your employees experience issues, our friendly technicians will respond quickly, either in-person or remotely, to determine the problem and get it resolved so they can get back to work. Our state-of-the-art systems and knowledgeable staff will provide answers quickly, and since we take ownership of the issues, your employees won’t spend time on the phone with vendors.


Based on your IT infrastructure, working environment, and other requirements, we can install remote access software to assist with problems, monitor antivirus software for potential breaches, provide Windows security updates, and backup essential data. In addition, we can maintain a detailed inventory to help determine when it’s time to replace old equipment.


Using a state-of-the-art endpoint management system, we monitor your servers for low disk space, poor performance, and other issues that affect your productivity. Our maintenance services include performing system backups, managing critical security updates, ensuring that any automatic updates are configured accurately, and quality checking that patches are installed and working correctly.


Whether we’re talking about backups or subscription-based business software, more and more business services are migrating to the cloud. With these services, we can manage your backups, create accounts, and troubleshoot with the hosting company to promptly resolve the issue and take responsibility for restoring data as needed.


We protect your company’s most valuable asset — information — with a comprehensive set of security and data assurance services. In addition to anti-virus and anti-ransomware services, we perform risk assessments, provide mitigation services, conduct security awareness training, aid with insurance and compliance forms, and furnish policies and procedures. With current cybersecurity threats, these services are growing ever more essential to businesses of every size.


We all know that your website is your identity on the internet – if it looks outdated or doesn’t work, your potential customer will move on. At CLARK, we have a Graphic Design Team that can build a website that matches your business and attracts the customers you want. Whether you need a refresh or a new website with a brand new logo, we can help at a price you can afford.


Your entire network runs through its cabling, so it just makes sense to employ experts in its design, installation, and management. CLARK can design and install your cabling infrastructure to ensure the success of your business, test your existing network to check for slowness and connection problems, and help clean up your messy cables to better manage your network closet.


Management of your network infrastructure encompasses devices such as servers, switches, wireless access points, firewalls, routers, and customized cloud storage systems. We make your network as secure as possible by monitoring firmware updates and watching for communication issues. In addition, we manage account rights, including provisioning new network accounts, administering system access rights, and more.


If your employees are stuck on the phone for two hours with customer support, they aren’t helping your customers. On your behalf, we can contact your providers to handle internet, web hosting, mobile phone services, printer and copier services, or any other IT vendors to ensure that the proper services are ordered, and we can troubleshoot any IT issues that may occur during the transition.


Not only does CLARK have a proven ability to set up and move your technology to a new location, but we can help with the design of your network. We offer consultation services, including infrastructure planning, vendor selection, equipment budgeting, software or hardware training, purchasing assistance, and addressing cybersecurity concerns.



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