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Thousands of families trust CLARK with their Home IT Support needs.

Residential Clients are Important to Us

We love and value our residential clients. From the beginning, CLARK built this client base the same way we built the rest of our business by making Customer Service our Highest Priority. We ensure that everyone receives reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly service on every job every time, and our residential clients have expressed their thanks with hundreds of 5-Star Reviews.

For our Home IT Clients, we can handle issues remotely, with a house call, or in our Frederick and Hagerstown storefront locations. Whatever works best for you works best for us!

Competitive Home IT Support Pricing

Home clients have different needs, so we offer competitive residential rates, billed in as little as 30-minute increments for remote services and 1 hour when we go onsite, and our diagnostics fee gets rolled into the overall service cost if we complete the repairs.

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All of our maintenance plans are based on the average amount of time a family of four requires technical support, roughly equal to a block of eight hours of technical support per year.


With this maintenance plan you get peace of mind assistance with common computer, smartphone, printer, WiFi, and network issues, including but not limited to:

  ♦  remote troubleshooting
  ♦  new computer setups
  ♦  assistance with installs
  ♦  answers to common questions
  ♦  purchasing advice

For advanced issues that require a more hands-on approach, the maintenance plan provides a discounted rate, and we offer discounted plans for seniors. 


Including all the services offered in the standard monthly plan, we offer a number of monthly add-on services to cover all of your technology needs:

Standard Backups – includes up to 1/2 terabyte of space
Monitored Backups –
includes notification of issues
Antivirus –
includes monitoring and updates
PC Cleanups –
a popular service that speeds up systems
Full Security Package –
helps keep cybercriminals away

For advanced issues that require a more hands-on approach, the maintenance plan provides a discounted hourly rate, and we offer a discounted plan for seniors. 

For our residential clients, we offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. And if you don’t see a particular service listed below, please give us a call, our talented techs can handle a wide variety of issues.

Home IT Support SERVICES


Think about all the priceless data and information you have on the hard drive of your personal computer: photos, music collections, vital emails, and important documents, just to name a few. What if that drive fails? If you haven’t backed up this data, it’s gone — for good. Don’t take that chance. Let us recommend and install a cloud-based storage system for this vital information. You’ll be glad you did.


Apart from hardware issues, there are two common reasons for this number one consumer complaint: too little memory (RAM) and too many programs installed. We can run diagnostics to determine why your computer is slow and get it fixed, often on the same day.


Cybercriminals are constantly working to steal your credentials and data. Viruses keep getting more advanced and can sometimes evade even the most sophisticated anti-virus software. Let us review your virus protection so that we can help ensure that your home computer system is defended against attack, infection, and identity theft.


Configuring a wireless router can be complex, with various speed and security settings. If you’re not familiar with them all, you could unwittingly leave yourself vulnerable to attack or cause slowness and drops. At CLARK, we’re familiar with all the settings and get your devices connected on a fast, reliable, and secure home network.


What’s more frustrating, a weak cell phone signal or dropped calls? You may be surprised to learn that there are things we can do to improve your cell service. How does a full set of bars sound? Give us a call.


Home automation typically involves the Internet of Things (IoT). Securely integrating these smart devices into your home can be challenging and leave your home and family vulnerable. We’ll make sure the apps and devices are synced to work consistently and securely. CLARK can help you enjoy the benefits of your smart home without having to troubleshoot and problem-solve each device individually.



Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients are saying!

Clark Computer Services IT Support Services Leadership Page Darren Clark in his office

Darren Clark

President and Owner

I left big business to start Clark Computer Services in 2003; not because I had a grand vision, but because I had three young children who needed their Dad around. Knowing I had to replace my salary, I went door-to-door visiting small businesses to introduce myself and ask if they needed IT support. I heard story after story from business owners and office managers about IT companies not returning calls and emails, grumpy technicians showing up late or not at all, and systems being down for days, weeks, and in some cases…months. I realized quickly that there was a clear and pressing need for reliable, honest, and professional IT support completed pleasantly and on time.

This experience created the foundation for Clark Computer Services and helped me articulate the vision that has guided the company for more than 15 years:

We will make customer service our highest priority and ensure that all customers receive friendly, reliable, and professional service on every job, at every sales call, and on everything we do.

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