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As the top IT Services provider in Maryland, northern Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania, we know that sluggish internet, slow data backups, and frozen screens directly affect your bottom line. When your key employees are busy troubleshooting their computers, figuring out cabling, or waiting on printers, they’re not focusing on your customers or your business.

That’s where we come in.

Working from Home? We have IT Services for you!

Don’t try to go it alone, we at CLARK are ready to assist with all your remote access and virtual office setup needs.
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Business IT Services

Whether it's system planning and installation, network optimization, implementing disaster recovery solutions, or help with troubleshooting, you can count on Clark for all the IT Services your business needs.

  • General small business support (server, network, phone, printer, and workstations)
  • System planning, installation, and optimization
  • Data back-ups and disaster recovery
  • Cloud migration and administration
  • Office moves and build-outs
  • Camera and door access control installation and repair

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Medical & Dental Offices

We resolve issues with medical and dental software, perform HIPAA risk assessments and remediation, provide security and data assurance, handle exam room design, and more.

As technology becomes increasingly integrated in medical and dental offices, it’s important to partner with a service provider like Clark Computer Services who has experience with both technology and the healthcare industry. We bring knowledge, expertise, and experience to our relationship with you, including:

  • Electronic Medical Records. At Clark Computer Services, we have experience with EHRs (Electronic Health Records).
  • Network Reliability. While this electronic version of a patient’s medical record is easier to share with other healthcare professionals, what happens if the network connection goes down? Downtime in a medical or dental practice’s network can be more than inconvenient. The ability to transmit critical patient records when requested could be a key factor in which treatment they receive or what medicines are prescribed.
  • Healthcare-Specific Systems. In addition to the EHR, we have experience with other systems specific to medical and dental offices including:
    • HIPAA and HITECH-compliant systems.
    • Medical and dental billing software.
    • Healthcare-specific digital transcription hardware and software.
    • Medical coding software compliant with standards and guidelines.
    • mHealth (mobile health) devices and connections.

If you’ve chosen an IT support provider who doesn’t know the medical and dental office environment, you’ll know during their first service call. But why wait to find out the hard way? Choose an experienced service provider like Clark Computer Services whom you can trust to provide protection from viruses, defenses against system intrusions, reliable backup systems, and proactive support to medical and dental practices — first time, every time.

Construction IT Support

We assist construction professionals and field staff at their locations with on-call IT support and the use of construction software on laptops, tough books, and smartphones.

Downtime in any business means diminished productivity, missed deadlines, and unexpected costs. This is true in any enterprise, but especially for the construction business. The construction industry has some unique IT needs, including:

  • Early-Morning Access. Construction crews are on the ground poised for full productivity before many businesses have had their coffee. A slow start for a construction crew means a less productive day. That’s why we’re up and on the job with them, ready to troubleshoot any IT issues they may have – safely and securely – in real-time.
  • Reliable Connectivity. Getting work done on-site requires fast, dependable connectivity between field crew and the home office. We make sure construction companies’ computer networks are stable, secure, and rock-solid.
  • Efficient Collaboration. It’s important to make sure that all the software packages on your network, including project management software, estimating tools, and financial systems, work well together so construction companies can manage their existing jobs and bid on new work with confidence.
  • Mobile Security. Given how much happens in the field, construction crews need fast, efficient mobile access to electronic files without putting them at risk.

When we partner with construction companies in and around Maryland, northern Virginia and southern Pennsylvania, we work hard to minimize downtime with proactive network monitoring and prompt support for their employees – whether in the office, on the job site, or on the road.


Spending a lot of time watching an hourglass on your slow-moving computer? Got a years-worth of photos and important documents unprotected on your hard drive? We can fix that!

  • Slow computers
  • Cloud storage options
  • Virus protection
  • Wi-fi installations and improvements
  • Improved cellular service
  • Smart Home technologies

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Home Office IT Support

With so many having to work and learn from home, having a reliable Home Office has never been more important. We'll connect, test, and troubleshoot to make sure everything works and it all works together.

  • Hardware recommendations
  • Getting everything connected
  • Home network settings
  • Security configurations
  • E-learning challenges
  • Remote and onsite support

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Technology Move Services

Moving into a new office space is exciting and nerve wracking, let CLARK help with our proven Technology Move Services - the White Glove Service our customers expect put to work for you!

  • Surveying the New Space
  • Conducting Site Visits
  • Structural Installation
  • Integrated Services
  • Conducting a Full Inventory
  • Managing All Communications
  • Handling the Technology
  • Coordinating with Movers
  • Installing Additional Security
  • Operational Verification

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Remote IT Services

Wherever you are located in the United States, you can now receive our Five Star Rated service through a number of specific remote support services, competitively priced and billed in as little as 15 minute increments.

  • New Computer Setups
  • Configuring Backups
  • Security Assessments
  • Help with Cloud Services

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We will make customer service our highest priority and ensure that all customers receive friendly, reliable, and professional service on every job, at every sales call, and in everything we do.

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