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Darren Clark Headshot

Darren ClarkPresident & Owner

I left big business to start Clark Computer Services in 2003; not because I had a grand vision, but because I had three young children who needed their Dad around. Knowing I had to replace my salary, I went door-to-door visiting small businesses to introduce myself and ask if they needed IT support. I heard story after story from business owners and office managers about IT companies not returning calls and emails, grumpy technicians showing up late or not at all, and systems being down for days, weeks, and in some cases…months. I realized quickly that there was a clear and pressing need for reliable, honest, and professional IT support completed pleasantly and on time.

This experience created the foundation for Clark Computer Services and helped me articulate the vision that has guided the company for more than 15 years:

We will make customer service our highest priority and ensure that all customers receive friendly, reliable, and professional service on every job, at every sales call, and on everything we do.

Lee Janes Headshot

Lee JanesVice President of Sales

I was managing a group of IT technicians at another company when I met Darren. I was impressed by how quickly he had grown Clark Computer Services into an 80-client enterprise with a top-notch reputation for excellence in every area. I saw someone who was always honest, fair, and well-liked among customers and vendors alike. I considered it high praise when he told me he recognized those qualities in me and that he thought we shared the same commitment to putting clients first.

One of my responsibilities is to build a staff of competent, friendly, caring, and willing IT technicians who are prepared to deliver superior service. At Clark Computer Services we strive to:

Always treat your IT systems as if they were our own, and show that we can be counted on to deliver honest, friendly, prompt, and professional support.

Julie Clark Headshot

Julie ClarkOffice Manager

The jobs I’ve had over the years have been really different from each other, but they do share one common denominator: the ability to take care of and support other people. That extends to this position as well. I’m also used to wearing a lot of different hats, and people tell me I’m a natural multitasker – and these two things also serve me well in this position! I really enjoy my work because no two days are alike. I may spend one day doing administrative support like taking inventory and ordering supplies; the next, I’ll be completely absorbed in auditing the company’s processes and procedures. We all have our roles, but we only have one goal: to make sure our customers receive friendly, reliable and professional service – every time.

I work behind-the-scenes to support our front-line technicians so they can take prompt, thorough care of our customers – and that’s the core of everything we do.

Jay Browning Headshot

Jay BrowningTechnical Sales Executive

I’ve always enjoyed the technical and customer service-orientated job functions. My first job out of college was working for an Internet Service Provider in Massachusetts. I was fortunate to parlay my passion for the outdoors – as well as skiing and snowboarding – into a career working for Vail Resorts in Colorado.  I found working with prospective clients to understand their goals and issues, then providing tailored solutions, to be very rewarding. Of the 20 years I spent in the ski industry, 10 were in Information Technology, where I served as a field technician, project manager, and procurement analyst.

In my time working with Clark Computer Services, I have served in the roles of field technician as well as technical sales executive. The combined experience allows me to better provide context to the products and services we offer.

My mission is to create a solution out of viable options for our clients, while exceeding their expectations.

Chuck Sperati Headshot

Chuck SperatiDirector of Compliance, Media, and Special Projects

I’ve always had a love of working with technology, being fortunate enough to have grown up with a grandfather who taught me how to fix things for myself and not be afraid to jump in and get my hands dirty. Spending the better part of the last three decades in Information Technology, I’ve worked as a technician, trainer, technical writer, and manager with small businesses, enterprise level organizations, and government, picking up a lot of skills and information during my journey. Among my most rewarding jobs was working with researchers, where I discovered that it wasn’t enough to make sure that their data was available and secure, the infrastructure had to meet very specific compliance and regulation requirements.

In joining Clark Computer Services, I’m bringing the sum knowledge of my professional experience, as well as the website, graphic design, and marketing skills gained as an independent author.

My mission is to provide our customers with the compliance and specialty solutions small business owners need to help them to be successful.

Don Harrington Headshot

Don HarringtonDirector of Operations

When I was young, I always loved tearing things apart to see what I could do to make them work again. Getting a job as an auto mechanic seemed like it would be a good fit for me, except that I didn’t care for the dirt and grime that came with it. Out of high school I found work at the Control Data Group as a mainframe operator and more than four decades later I’m still happily solving issues in the IT world, with clean hands and a big smile. During my nearly fifteen years of providing IT support to over sixty medical offices in and around Frederick County, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Clark Computer Services to assist with the client issues that we did not cover. I was so impressed with the care, support, and follow-through they provided that when the opportunity to join CLARK came around, I was thrilled. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to join this team and continue to support the great people in this medical community and get to know and help to grow the whole client base.

As the new Director of Operations I am in a unique position of developing a working and professional relationship with my clients while continuing to build a great team that excels in customer service and client satisfaction.

My mission is to bring a feeling of accomplishment to our support teams by taking the time to listen carefully before jumping to quick conclusions and treating everyone as they would want to be treated while addressing needs and solving issues.