Clark Computer Services

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Clark Computer Services functions as the IT department for each of our companies. Anytime any of our employees at any of our locations has any sort of computer-related issue, we call Darren and his staff — and it’s as good as fixed. Sometimes they can walk the user through the solution on the phone, or address the problem remotely, but when that process doesn’t work, they make a site visit, usually the same day. We rely on them to keep our servers up and running, they create our remote log-ins, and outfit any new areas within our office space the way we need them to be. For example, they set up both of our conference rooms with technology that supports video-conferencing.

In addition to emergency and planned maintenance, one of the most helpful things they do is maintain an inventory of our IT assets, organization-wide. They know exactly what kind of computer, laptop, tablet, and SmartPhone each user has, the date of purchase, and other valuable information. At the beginning of each year before I do budgets, I sit down with Clark and figure out when it’s time to purchase new equipment and/or upgrade technologies.

On Christmas Eve, one of our employees inadvertently opened a virus at their work computer that immediately spread throughout the network. It was badly-timed and inconvenient, but Darren came over right away — his quick response saved us from what could have been a much worse disaster!

Darren and his team at Clark Computer Services are experts at everything to do with computers — and just as importantly, they get things done quickly and always with a smile.

— Renee Stambaugh, Senior Accountant