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Sydney’s Seminar: What is the Apple Vision Pro

What is the Apple vision pro?

Sydney's seminar

You may have seen the Apple Vision Pro in the news over the past few weeks as Apple announced its first mixed-reality headset. This device looks similar to other headsets like the VR Oculus Rift or the Meta Quest 2 but is an awe-inspiring next generation to spatial computing. Unlike other VR goggles, Apple’s Vision Pro is the most sophisticated augmented reality device yet available, explaining the massive hype surrounding the $3,499 device scheduled to launch in early 2024.

In this blog I’m going to explain the differences between VR and AR, tell you a little about how the Vision Pro works, and then talk a little about the various features and apps that are being offered now and what we might see in the future.

What is the Apple Vision Pro | Sydney's Seminar | What is the Apple Vision Pro | Sydney's Seminar | Sydney's Seminar Apple Vision Pro image of an AR headset with a dramatic mountainous background.
What is the Apple Vision Pro | Sydney's Seminar | What is the Apple Vision Pro | Sydney's Seminar | Sydney's Seminar Apple Vision Pro image of a couple with a VR headset displaying a fantasy world.


Spatial computing is a broad category of technologies referring to computers that can interact with data in three dimensions rather than the two dimensions we typically see on screens. Most of us are used to seeing Virtual Reality, or VR, devices in the form of a headset. The user wears these headsets for an immersive experience that provides the sensation of physically being in another world. As you look around, you are really viewing a 3D virtual environment.

On the other hand, while similar to VR, Augmented Reality, or AR, superimposes a computer-generated image onto a view of the real world. This method of overlapping digital effects onto a person’s surroundings means that AR devices can augment the video input allowing the user to experience both the real world and a computerized image that flows naturally with lines of vision.


A first of its kind, the Apple Vision Pro allows the user to look through a computer screen rather than at a computer screen. This device, according to Apple, seamlessly blends digital content with a person’s physical surroundings. Rather than using a controller, the user can navigate the OS by using eye, hand, and voice cues. And it’s not just for gaming. The product offers a handful of apps from the start, but this is only the beginning of what Apple envisions as a new form of computing.


The list of what AR is capable of is extensive, but I’m going to highlight a few here.

Customized View Imagine, rather than looking at the small screen of your phone, tablet, or computer, you can have a hovering screen in space in front of you. You can make it as big as your eyes can see or as small as you need it to be. This Customized View is what you will be able to see through the Vision Pro. Users can even choose to put up multiple digital “screens” surrounding their field of vision. For example, you could have multiple browsers up and see them all at once, as if you had multiple computer screens in front of you.

Entertainment One of the most exciting features is the “theater” experience. Using streaming services, you can superimpose a giant movie screen directly in front of your face from the comfort of your home. Not only do you get the impression of watching a big screen in a massive theater, but it allows movie makers the freedom to create more dramatic effects. Experts anticipate this device will change the world of 3-D movies, as the Vision Pro can simulate 3D objects coming out of the “screen” towards you.

Photos and Videos With this technology’s grasp of 3D space, users can capture 3D pictures and view them as if they are happening live. Even videos can be combined with spatial audio to allow you to relive your memories time and time again.

What is the Apple Vision Pro | Sydney's Seminar | What is the Apple Vision Pro | Sydney's Seminar | Sydney's Seminar Apple Vision Pro image of a woman with an AR headset viewing displays overlaying the real world.

FaceTime While no camera faces a person wearing the Vision Pro, you can still FaceTime your friends and loved ones. While they appear in the room before you, the Vision Pro creates a realistic avatar of yourself and can match your voice to the correct lip movements, providing a realistic experience!

This technology is only the beginning of what AR devices can offer. The potential is out of this world, and Apple’s Vision Pro is the first step to what will become a revolutionary technology.

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