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Sydney’s Seminar: Top Tech To Watch For in 2023

Top tech to watch for in 2023

Sydney's seminar

Now that we’ve rung in the New Year and many resolutions have begun to fade, this is an excellent time for a fun distraction. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top tech we can look forward to in 2023. Just last week, CES 2023 (Consumer Electronics Show) occurred, which is the most influential tech event in the world. Many frontrunners in the industry use this forum to introduce the world to their newest projects. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality smellscapes, there are a lot of cool new inventions and innovations that all of us will start to see affecting our lives. Keep reading for the top six new tech trends to keep an eye on.

Top Tech to Watch For in 2023 | Sydney's Seminar | Top Tech to Watch For in 2023 | Sydney's Seminar | Top Tech to watch for in 2023 image of CES logo.
Top Tech to Watch For in 2023 | Sydney's Seminar | Top Tech to Watch For in 2023 | Sydney's Seminar | Top Tech to watch for in 2023 image representing artificial intelligence.


Although artificial intelligence (AI) has been a field of technology in development for decades, it remains on the top tech list as its advancements continue to significantly impact our daily lives. New leaps in this technology will start to allow major companies to start applying AI to their initiatives. While its applications are endless, in 2023, we will start seeing companies using AI to manage and automate complex inventory management processes, help predict the demand for services, and detect changes in consumer behavior.

You may even start to see retailers using AI to tailor recommendations to your particular taste.


While it used to be in the realm of science fiction, the metaverse is what many experts believe is the next generation of the internet. The concept is imagined as a single, shared, immersive 3D virtual space where life is experienced in ways that could never be in the real, physical world. It will allow people to work, play, and socialize on a platform that will blend virtual and physical reality.

As Augmented and Virtual Realities advance, technologies are becoming available to make this dream a reality. Large tech companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, and Meta (formerly known as Facebook) are developing new devices and software that will revolutionize commerce, healthcare, socialization, and marketing, among many other industry and lifestyle influences.


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are technology trends that have been in their infancy for the past several years. While the two are similar and often get confused, VR allows users to become immersed in a virtual environment, and AR allows users to enhance their environment. Current uses of these technologies are primarily for video gaming and training, but its also having a positive impact on mental health treatment.

Experts expect VR and AR to be further integrated into our lives in 2023. These technologies can be used in tandem with other technologies on this list and will greatly impact entertainment, education, therapies, job training, and marketing, with this list continuing to expand. Great examples of uses are for training surgeons and soldiers in a zero-risk environment, enhancing experiences for those in museums and theme parks, and creating ever more immersive video game experiences.

Top Tech to Watch For in 2023 | Sydney's Seminar | Top Tech to Watch For in 2023 | Sydney's Seminar | Top Tech to watch for in 2023 image representing augmented reality.


E-commerce and cryptocurrency are continually growing in the world, which requires advancements in the security of online transactions as the world of cybercrime constantly tries to steal consumer information. Blockchain technology is an online ledger that stores and records data in blocks linked together in a chain.

This technology decentralizes data and allows for new ways of conducting business in the digital world. Many professionals believe Blockchain will be critical in the coming years to improve data tracking, create billing systems, and protect data.


Technological leaps are rapidly creating the rise of quantum computing, which uses quantum phenomena that create innovative ways to solve problems too complex for classic computers. With this new tech, computers can operate a trillion times more quickly than the fastest processing computers today.

Applications for quantum computers can range from preventing diseases to modeling the behavior of individual atoms in a molecule. Because these computers are so powerful, they come with a risk that must be mitigated. The devices can quickly and easily break the encryptions used by security systems worldwide, including national government and financial systems.


As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is allowed to progress further. RPA allows business processes to be automated, such as processing transactions, responding to emails, and performing repetitive tasks that people are currently doing.

Top Tech to Watch For in 2023 | Sydney's Seminar | Top Tech to Watch For in 2023 | Sydney's Seminar |

One of the most significant ways this is being used is in warehouse and factory logistics. Tech companies are working to develop self-driving trucks and ships to create safer and more efficient ways to move freight. There are also more types of delivery robots in the works to help advance the e-commerce economy.

An exciting company to watch in the coming months will be Ocado – a British online supermarket. This company uses thousands of robots to automate the stock process of warehouse goods, and the company will be rolling out this autonomous tech to other grocery retailers this year.

The tech world is constantly growing, and it’s imperative that we at CLARK keep an eye on it so we can help manage tech for our wonderful clients. If you have any tech questions or ideas, never hesitate to call us at 301-456-69314 or email us at

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