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Chuck Sperati

Director of Cybersecurity and Marketing I’ve always had a love of working with technology, being fortunate enough to have grown up with a grandfather who taught me how to fix things for myself and not be afraid to jump in and get my hands dirty. Over the last three decades, I’ve worked as a technician, trainer, technical writer, and manager in small businesses, enterprise organizations, and government. In addition, I’m an author, having published multiple works available online and in print. You can find my creative work at

Chuck's Cyber Wall: Cyber Attacks are Personal title card with Chuck standing in front of the cyber wall.

If you don’t think cyber attacks are personal, you’ve likely never been a victim of them. Nothing motivates a person to defend themselves like being attacked.

Chuck's Cyber Wall - 5 Steps to better Cybersecurity title card.

If you use an internet-connected device, finding ways for Better Cybersecurity isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential to maintaining your digital health.

Learn How to protect Your Digital Identity Chuck in front of cyber wall logo.

Learning how to protect your digital identity is not as difficult as most people believe, but not taking the steps to protect yourself can be extremely costly.

Firewall title card for Chuck's Cyber Wall

A Firewall is a vital part of a secure network, especially in a small business, but too few people understand how they work or why they are so important.

A Backup is Essential Chuck's Cyber Wall title card

If you’ve ever lost work, pictures, or data you know how painful it can be, but with a solid backup process, you can recover from any situation.

Ransomware and Regular People Chuck's Cyber Wall title card

The days when Ransomware was something that just affected large corporations and persons of wealth are long past, and now regular people are primary targets.

Chuck's Cyber Wall Title Image Web Scraping is Making you a target

Web Scraping has been used by marketing firms for decades to find new ways to advertise to us, but now cybercriminals are using it to steal from us.

Choosing the Best Antivirus Chuck pointing at the title

With so much focus on corporate hacks, strong passwords, and multifactor authentication, our focus is being drawn away from basics such as antivirus programs.

Chuck's Cyber Wall - What is Ransomware? chuck standing in front of logo

When it comes to cyber threats, there are few as frightening as Ransomware. The fear of losing access to business or personal data is what drives these attacks.

Chuck's Cyber Wall - Youve Been Hacked Logo Image

Cyber scams are getting harder to detect and avoid, and with the number of threats out there, it’s likely you’ll click something and get hacked, then what?