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Google Search Tips DC the Computer Guy Title card

When it comes to using keywords to search online, the results can sometimes be very broad, but with our Google

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Security Awareness - A cautionary perspective from 2 small businesses title card

Embracing security awareness is a great way to defend against cyberattacks, but even with all of the good information out

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Computer Maintenance is Crucial to Your Business Darren in social image

With the number of vulnerabilities being discovered every day, computer maintenance is more crucial than ever, and a newly discovered

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The Clark Report Maximizing Mobile Battery Life - DC the computer guy social image

When it comes to Maximizing Mobile Battery Life, DC is the master, and he’s going to show you how to

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Technology Moves Don't Have to Be Hard Logo Image for DC the Computer Guy

When moving an office there are already lots of things to worry about, and Technology Moves make everything more complex,

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The IT Business is 80% Personal - DC the Computer Guy Social Image

I’ve been saying that the IT Business is 80% Personal for years, and for us, that means providing Responsive, Professional,

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Snip and Sketch A Hidden Gem Dc the Computer Guy Title Card

The ability to screen capture can come in handy in so many different ways, Snip and Sketch is an easy

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Why Your Business Should Consider a Cable Cleanup Dc the Computer Guy Title Card

A Cable Cleanup organizes that mess of tangled wires in your network closet that has a detrimental effect on your

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New Email Security Etiquette DC the Computer Guy Social Image

Technology is not enough to defeat phishing attacks, we need a New Email Security Etiquette encouraging users to question the

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DC The Computer Guy - Warning Signs Of Bad IT Support

In this ever-changing technological world, there are warning signs of bad IT support, and being able to spot them can

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