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February 2022

Clark Computer Services IT Support Services Sydney's Seminar Tips for Beginners on using Outlook Email

Outlook Calendar Beginners guide Sydney’s Seminar In our last edition of Sydney’s Seminar, we talked about using the Calendar feature of Outlook, and today we will complete the lesson

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DC The Computer Guy - Small Business Guide to Changing IT Providers

Small Business Guide To Changing IT Providers DC The Computer Guy Changing vendors is always a challenge, and with some recent new clients we’ve onboarded, I thought

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Clark Computer Services IT Support Services Sydney's Seminar Tips on using Outlook Calendars

Outlook Calendar Beginners guide Sydney’s Seminar Outlook is an often overlooked gem of the Microsoft Suite products, so today, we will highlight one of our favorite

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Chucks Cyber Wall - Spear Phishing A Personal Attack

Spear Phishing: A Personal Attack Chuck’s Cyber Wall The most significant cyber threats to small businesses and home users are E-mail and Spear-Phishing. And the most effective

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Clark Computer Services IT Support Services Leadership Page Darren Clark in his office

Darren Clark

President and Owner

I left big business to start Clark Computer Services in 2003; not because I had a grand vision, but because I had three young children who needed their Dad around. Knowing I had to replace my salary, I went door-to-door visiting small businesses to introduce myself and ask if they needed IT support. I heard story after story from business owners and office managers about IT companies not returning calls and emails, grumpy technicians showing up late or not at all, and systems being down for days, weeks, and in some cases…months. I realized quickly that there was a clear and pressing need for reliable, honest, and professional IT support completed pleasantly and on time.

This experience created the foundation for Clark Computer Services and helped me articulate the vision that has guided the company for more than 15 years:

We will make customer service our highest priority and ensure that all customers receive friendly, reliable, and professional service on every job, at every sales call, and on everything we do.

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