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How to Buy a Laptop social media image Sydney in front of title card

Whether for a holiday gift, school, or work laptops are popular computers, but before you head out to the store,

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Sydney's Seminar: 5 Excel Formulas You Need to Know title image card

Microsoft Excel formulas can not only provide your spreadsheets with better data, but they can make your job a whole

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Sydney's Seminar How To Create a Zoom Meeting Social Media Image

Video meetings are common in today’s business world, so Sydney is providing this guide on How To Create a Zoom

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Sydney's Seminar How to Use Microsoft Team Social Media Image

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace that integrates many O365 products, and Sydney has the tips and tricks to get

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How to Perform an Advanced Search in Outlook Sydney's Seminar social image

If you’re like me, your inbox is always full, that’s why the Advanced Search in Outlook is such a great

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